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"Ive never been an edible fan ever, as I am a huge control freak, and all edibles I've tried rendered me useless, anxious, and always gave me a stomach ache, let alone, tasted terrible, and made my allergies go crazy

I then tried Flurish. No sneezing, no rolling waves or uncontrolled high, rather a slow creeping and strong body or head experience, that let me go about my day, without any stomach aches, or energy crashes. Their dosage schedules are very easy to fine tune in your ideal consumption level, while flavors are absolutely delectable. 

I'm super impressed with Flurish, and can happily say these guys are the only edibles I'll touch. Their new CBD is super effective as well. Keep up the great work, - your loyal fan. I've almost stopped smoking for a few months, as these Flurish edibles have changed my mind of how an edible should operated"

"Awesome medicine. Finally seem to be able to get the product in San Diego, so now I can tell people about it.Consistency with every piece = EASY dosing! GREAT flavors, so you will want to eat more, but strong enough that you don't have to. The Sativa gives me lots of energy and creativity The hybrid is nice and mellow. And this is from a patient with a chronic illness and chronic pain and needs strong medicine. My absolute favorite, thanks Flurish."