Benefits of purchasing products that have higher grade oil.

Smoking cannabis flower, be it rolled or packed, is definitely a more than gratifying experience for the regular marijuana user. In fact, smoking a joint is the preferred method of intaking cannabis for the majority of the consumer market. However, recent developments in the engineering of marijuana have allowed researchers to come up with products such as cannabis concentrates, which have been scientifically proven to be more efficient than the all mighty nug.

This article is not meant to defame, slander or smear cannabis flower in any way.  In fact, without it, none of the breakthroughs regarding marijuana´s scientific and social progress would have been reached. Nevertheless, there are considerable differences when referring to either cannabis flower or concentrates. Distinctions that should be thoroughly addressed just because there are so many findings, brought on by the immense variety of products available nowadays.

Cannabis concentrates, especially oils, have solidly demonstrated to be the most efficient of all cannabis products milligram per milligram. This being the main reason why this publication focuses primarily on the benefits of purchasing products that have higher grade oil. 

The use of the word "purchasing” is not at random as finances are probably the greatest concern in the actual marijuana marketplace. For most manufacturers and consumers alike, even health takes a backseat to money, making costs a matter of great importance when referring to cannabis concentrates.

Cannabis oil is naturally more expensive than regular flower because of a great difference in their concentration levels. Although an obvious observation, it does not illustrate the picture to a full scale. Consumers would have to take at least four times as much cannabis flower as cannabis oil, in order to roughly reach the same dosage. And it would need to be top notch quality bud too (mids would call for an even larger amount), which would make it absolutely impossible for the vast majority of people to afford, especially on a regular basis.

Not only that, can you imagine the amount of smoke and “fragrance” a quadruple dosage of cannabis flower would generate? Not to mention the quantity of time it would take to smoke all of that. Apart from making consumption easier and faster, oils can be intentionally odorless, giving them the additional advantage of being stealthy. This can be quite helpful for those who prefer to be more discreet with friends and family, or when medicating in public spaces. A higher concentration equals to fewer puffs and a slimmer chance of getting caught, something very hard to do when hitting a joint and blowing pungent smoke clouds.

Cannabis smoke brings us to what should actually be the greatest matter of concern regarding any aspect of marijuana: Health. The smoke of burnt cannabis flower carries tar and potential carcinogens. Cannabis oils deal with every kind of toxicity, thanks to their superb distillation and purifying process. 

The most popular way of consuming cannabis oil is through vaporization. In other words, heat is used instead of fire, so no smoke is inhaled at all, meaning it’s quite safer. Higher grade oils like distillates can reach up to 99% THC concentration. As a result, consumers find themselves hitting the vape pen a lot less, making powerful distillates that much healthier (For more on cannabis distillate, extracts and concentrates, check out the article “Distillate and full spectrum oil”, previously issued to this one).

Another significant advantage of higher grade oils when it comes to health, is their engineering. Concentrates are extracted in such advanced ways, that cannabis´ integrity can be broken down, filtered, isolated and even put back together if desired. This allows independent control over specific medicinal components in marijuana such as Cannabidiol (CBD).

Bear in mind that a higher grade does not refer to a greater THC concentration exclusively. CBD is just one of the many cannabinoids present in cannabis known to have healing or therapeutic properties. Due to their dosification, marijuana extracts aid patients when self-medicating by allowing them to take the right amount of medication, every single time. A more concentrated product signifies a faster effect, which is critical when dealing with chronic pain, anxiety or any of the endless disorders cannabis helps treat.

Furthermore, the wholesome efficiency of medicinal high grade oils cannot be matched by opioid-based pharmaceuticals. This is causing many people to turn to cannabis making it their medicine of choice. Even those who are not looking to get high can still get isolated cannabis´ therapeutic properties, through concentrates like CBD oil. Modern marijuana engineering has made it possible to cancel the psychoactive effect caused by THC, thusly attracting a different kind of costumer to the dispensary.

Now if getting stoned is your thing, then a higher grade oil is just what the doctor ordered. THC can be completely taken out of an extract but it can also be perfectly isolated for its healthy consumption. Because of the refined distillation process oils go through, the final product is odorless and tasteless making it optimal for edibles. Adding ready-to-use THC in exact measures to food, treats or drinks prevents consumers from the common overmedication issues caused by the most powerful form of consumption: ingesting properly decarbed cannabis.

Additionally, flavor and fragrance can also be "re-inserted" into cannabis to make it an even more pleasant experience to your sense of taste and smell. Whether you wish to vape, eat or drink a high concentration extract, you can certainly find products that either taste or smell delicious, sometimes both. A higher grade oil provides a more flavorful kick than practically any other cannabis product out there.

Aside from the intensely recreational use they can (and should) be given, cannabis extracts represent a higher concentration of valuable material per milligram. That actually means saving money, despite the fact that cannabis high grade oils have deceitfully higher prices. More importantly, powerful concentrates have an enormous medicinal advantage over less potent products. 

Due to its infinite amount of components, properties and uses, marijuana is without a doubt one of the most versatile works of nature. As the world evolves, so does the science of cannabis and we should do nothing but embrace the changes and benefits such developmental process keeps bringing forth.