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Although most people don’t usually connect weed and working out together, there is a very interesting link between the two. With marijuana becoming more mainstream, an increasing number of athletes are now starting to use cannabis as a part of their diet or as a training aid for their workout.

If you’re considering consuming cannabis before hitting the gym, there are some things you should know about cannabis and working out. While marijuana carries a stereotype as a “lazy stoner” attribute, the plant may actually make you more energized and focused. Read on to learn more about incorporating weed into your working out routine.

How Weed Affects Our Sports Performance

There are many studies being done lately on the effects and benefits of marijuana on the athletic side. Although we know more about weed than ever before, studies have been rather ambiguous on the combination of pot and working out. Depending on the amount of weed consumed and the type of exercising you are planning to do, the effects of pot may be enhancing or hindering. Microdosing is key when it comes to completing your working out routine.

When it comes to our sports performance, weed may be beneficial when consumed in smaller doses both during and after the training. There are mental and physical benefits of using pot, before a race or competition to focus and become more competitive, and after a training for relaxation and muscle recovery. Additionally, cannabis can help relieve stress and pain after the workout. 

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Microdosing For Working Out

As I mentioned before, it’s essential to use smaller amounts that you’d usually smoke for recreation. Assuming you know exactly how cannabis affects both your body and mind, you’ll probably strike your balance pretty fast. 

With micro-dosing, you should be good with just a few puffs that will result in a very mild, but longer lasting high. Although you won’t be overwhelmingly high, this should be just enough to promote focus and increase your energy for the next few hours. Moreover, cannabis can get you even higher if you’re working out while high. 

Yes, you read that correctly: working out while being under that little buzz can increase the effects of weed. In fact, the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence published a study confirming that exercising can not only kick your buzz but also escalate the potency of your stuff.

Weed Promotes Focus And Fun

As it turns out, using weed before working out can help you focus on a particular task, making your exercising routine more enjoyable. Keeping in mind micro-dosing, smoking pot before working out can give you the power to just exercise and access a flow state while doing repetitive tasks without thinking too much about it. Many athletes confirm that using cannabis helps them stay focused on their form and particular muscles they’re targeting while exercising. And obviously, marijuana can definitely make your workout way more fun. If you don’t like working out, consider micro-dosing in order to get a more positive mindset and make exercising way more fun.

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Faster Recovery And Pain Relief

If you’re looking for something to help you with your results and performance, you should focus on the recovery after the workout. In fact, weed may speed up this process thanks to CBD, which has a wide range of therapeutic effects.

As it turns out, cannabidiol stops muscle spasms and seizures, improves our immune system, decreases pain and inflammation, which helps with recovery and healing. If you decrease pain and inflammation, causing a faster recovery, you’ll be able to build more muscle in a shorter period of time. By consuming cannabis before the workout, you can actually avoid pains and aches, as CBD prevents post-workout muscle sores.

Speaking of muscle recovery, most athletes using cannabis claim that they recover faster after working out. They report that Cannabisn

hxzxzuelps to relax and recover muscles faster. Studies show that THC may influence muscle growth, while CBD provides several health-promoting effects. As you can see, consuming a combination of both CBD and THC may be the key to keeping the perfect balance for your workout routine.

Protecting the Brain, Heart, and Lung

Marijuana has anti-inflammatory properties, which is why it can protect our heart, lungs, and brain during and after injury. Although we don’t know much about these effects yet, researchers are studying CBD’s neuroprotective properties in order to develop possible treatment option for brain injuries of sports concussions. 

Head and brain injuries can be treated with the help of cannabis and its therapeutic properties that ease pain and relax our central nervous system. Both CBD and THC have mood-altering abilities that help to stay positive and get rid of negative emotions and traumas.

Protecting lung is one thing, but you may be surprised to learn that marijuana may also improve lung function. Many athletes smoke weed in order to keep their lung health during their career. 

As it turns out, smoking one joint a day does not impact negatively our lung function. In fact, researchers claim that marijuana may improve lung function with time, as you need to take deeper inhales to smoke pot.

Faster Metabolism

Most people work out to stay in shape, and it’s something that marijuana can help you with. Although you may not believe it, weed has some ingredients that can increase your metabolism, lowering the level of cholesterol at the same time. 

If it’s not enough, a study conducted in 2013 confirmed that obesity levels are definitely lower among cannabis users than nonusers. In fact, with high levels of CBD and THCV, marijuana can help you with fat loss. Weed is usually linked to munchies, which is why people believe that it leads to weight gain. 

However, high-THCV level strains will burn your fat. Additionally, studies confirm that regular marijuana consumers have 17% lower insulin resistance rate and 16% lower overall insulin level than non-consumers.


Can Marijuana Help You Lose Weight?

Although many people associate weed with munchies and gaining weight, studies confirm that regular cannabis use may actually help you lose weight. As it turns out, people who smoke weed on a daily basis have less weight-related problems, they are less likely to develop diabetes and usually have significantly lower BMIs.

You may be surprised to learn that weed enthusiasts usually have smaller waist circumferences than people who don’t use pot on a regular basis. A study conducted in 2015 showed that with the legalization of medical marijuana comes 2-6% decrease when it comes to obesity among citizens in a given community. 

Moreover, those who use medical cannabis for arthritis or pain relief may actually increase their mobility over time, which leads to losing weight. As for the younger cannabis users, the plant is a perfectly safe substitute to calorie-laden alcoholic drinks that usually lead to gaining weight.

Weed Lowers Stress Levels

There is a direct correlation between gaining weight, cortisol and high level of stress. With marijuana relaxing properties, you can easily lower your stress levels by using weed on a regular basis. 

A study conducted in 1993 showed that CBD reduces levels of cortisol, which is a stress hormone. The thing is, with higher levels of cortisol our body can easily gain weight, but if you lower that level with help of weed, you don’t have to worry about your weight or BMI level.

Weed And Weight Loss

How is it that weed - despite increasing your appetite and causing munchies - has also been shown to help with obesity and weight loss? 

Studies show that Sativa strains may be the answer, as they contain a THCV cannabinoid. As it turns out, tetrahydrocannabivarin reduces glucose intolerance, which is a symptom of type 2 diabetes. The thing is, when you lower your glucose intolerance, it can result in weight loss. Moreover, this cannabinoid may be a miraculous potential treatment for people who fight obesity-associated glucose intolerance. 

Another study, conducted in 2015 in Australia, showed that THC is activating our CB2 receptors, which are located throughout our body. By activating these receptors, the cannabinoid is reducing appetite and preventing fat buildup in the body. Therefore, regular cannabis users are less likely to develop obesity or metabolic syndrome than non-users.

Although working out may not be associated with marijuana, it turns out it’s very beneficial to use cannabis on a regular basis. However, the most important thing to keep in mind is your tolerance. Don’t forget that pot affects people differently, and it’s extremely important to find your perfect dosage for working out before you decide to exercise high.


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