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Many people love to consume cannabis in the morning, and most of them claim that weed makes mornings their favorite part of the day. According to a 2017 Global Drug Survey, almost 22% of cannabis enthusiast in the U.S. starts their mornings with weed. 


Although the survey does not provide any information about reasons for this phenomenon, most pot smokers report that using marijuana as soon as you roll out of bed may be the best way to start your day and be more effective. 


But before we give you more reasons to start your day with a good wake and bake, you’ll learn the benefits of smoking marijuana in the morning and the whole science behind it. 


Here we go!

The Science Behind Wake And Bake

Studying cannabis, its benefits, chemical structure, and medical potential is a relatively new trend, which is why there is not much we know about the science behind wake and bake. 


However, everyone who tried weed in the morning can confirm that pot gives more intense effects and gets most people higher at this time of the day. 


Why does weed get us higher in the morning? There are many theories, but some people believe that it’s just an illusion. In the morning, our brain has to wake up, too, and it’s not working at full capacity yet. Therefore, smoking weed as soon as you wake up may give you a more intense high. 


There is another logical reason why pot gets us higher early in the morning. If you smoke weed as soon as you wake up, THC is affecting your drained body, giving you more intense effects. As you sleep, your body is without nutrients for a longer period of time, which makes marijuana stronger than usual, and THC way more potent.

Wake And Bake Tips

Now that you know the possible reasons for behind the wake and bake phenomenon, it’s high you got to know some amazing wake and bake tips.


First of all, contrary to what most people believe, it’s good to eat at least a small breakfast shortly after smoking pot in the morning. Keep in mind that both your brain and body need food and nutrients to function and keep you energized throughout the day. Moreover, drinking water will level out the intensity of morning high, making weed the best supplement. 


Using a vaporizer may give you more control over the intensity of high, as you can keep the size of your hits in moderation. Another idea is to consume low-THC edibles, which gives you a perfect combination of breakfast with the nice buzz throughout the day.


If you prefer not to use weed in the morning, you may want to consider using CBD oil, as it’s non-psychoactive and has a wide range of benefits, too.

Benefits Of Wake And Bake

If you suffer from any kind of inflammation or pain, using cannabis in the morning may help with pain management and inflammation issues. Moreover, weed may be extremely helpful in such conditions as fibromyalgia, migraines and digestive issues. 


When struggling with anxiety or depression, using pot early in the morning may help you get rid of unpleasant symptoms of these syndromes. Additionally, weed helps with mindfulness, so it’s a good idea to start your day with a nice morning strain.


Speaking of strains…

The Best Strains For Wake And Bake

If you’re looking for a good wake and bake strain to start off your day with energy and positive motivation, we have some suggestions for a healthy and euphoric breakfast exhale.


In most cases, sativa cannabis strains are recommended for a productive and inspiring day ahead, as they usually induce energetic and cerebral mood and increased focus. 


Here are the best strains for an ultimate wake and bake:

Sour Diesel

This is one of the most popular and sativa strains that is a perfect choice for your morning pot routine. The strain induces physical motivation and long-lasting euphoria. Sour Diesel provides energizing effects, keeping you on the right track to focus on your duties. If you’re looking for consistency, this sativa should be a great choice for you. What’s more, the strain has a nice pungent and fresh aroma, waking up your senses within one hit. Sour Diesel is an ideal strain for morning and daytime use, as it doesn’t cause couch-lock or sleepiness.

Jack Herer

This superstar sativa-dominant hybrid is perfect for any time of the day. With its high level of THC reaching up to 20%, the strain comes with all the benefits of typical sativa but gives you an intensity of effects resembling the ones from an indica variety. Jack Herer induces cerebral, lively and uplifting mood with a strong energizing, motivational kick. Moreover, the strain helps to keep you inspired and motivated throughout your day while helping you get rid of early morning fatigue.

Pineapple Express

This amazing hybrid strain packs an insane level of THC reaching 19%. The strain induces the classic euphoric high and calms the body, which means you can’t go wrong with Pineapple Express in the morning. Often referred to as the most delicious strain, it provides a deep focus, happiness, and relaxation. Although Pineapple Express comes with a wide range of sativa effects, it will be the ultimate pick for a lazy morning.

Durban Poison

Despite its strange name, Durban Poison gives an uplifting high and has a moderate level of THC between 8 and 9%. The strain is perfect for morning use, especially if you don’t want to get really high. Durban Poison induces uplifted and cheerful mood while clearing your head of all worries. The uncommon combination of earthy, sweetly notes and black licorice taste make this strain really interesting.

Reasons To Start Every Day With A Wake And Bake

From easing away your everyday worries to keeping you motivated and energized throughout the day, here are the reasons to start your day with a good wake and bake.

Coffee and pot

If you’re a coffee enthusiast, you should definitely enjoy the combination of your morning drink and weed. Instead of smoking a toxic cigarette, consider rolling a nice morning joint to have with your coffee. It will make you both productive and energized.

Pain management

Like I said, weed is a perfect pain reliever, which is why it’s recommended to start your day with pot if you’re dealing with inflammation or pain. Studies show that marijuana may successfully treat chronic pain.

Yoga or meditation

The way you start your day usually determines the rest of it, which is why it’s important to have a beneficial morning routine. Consider practicing yoga or meditation as soon as you take your first wake and bake hit. You will improve your focus and help you to calm before you fully start your day.

Wake And Bake: Potential Issues

Although using marijuana in the morning is beneficial for most people, some addiction experts claim that in some cases, it may be a problem. According to a research published in the journal Addiction Research and Theory in 2016, for some people, taking a hit in the morning may be a sign of deeper issues with dependence or increased-marijuana related impairment. On the other hand, if you’re in need of a morning medication, choosing cannabis is way safer than opioids, which are often dangerous to both your health and life.

Final Hit: The Science Behind Wake And Bake

When it comes to using marijuana in the morning, it mostly depends on the individual user and the prior experience. Some pot smokers will be delighted with an intense morning high, while some cannabis enthusiast will seek for a more balanced buzz. 


Overall, eating your pot brownie, rolling a joint, or vaping your stuff in the morning may become a really amazing way to start the day. Whatever method you choose, hitting a snooze button suddenly won’t be as tempting when you realize there is a really nice way to start off your day and get in the right mood.

Josh Garcia