CBD Products Finally Available For U.S. Pro Sports League Players


One of the biggest news lately is that the North American Premier Basketball League is now accepting CBD products for their athletes. Many people have been working to make cannabidiol available for sportsmen as a healthy alternative to painkiller shots, opioids, and stimulants.

It’s essential for athletes to find a healthy solution for their bodies to operate at their optimum level, helping them deal with an insane amount of stress and pressure. Both physical and therapeutic benefits of cannabidiol provide every player with a healthy and safe option to treat a range of sport-related symptoms. Read on to learn all you need to know about U.S. Pro Sports League accepting CBD products, the importance of CBD in sports, and how exactly it helps athletes.
NAPB In a Nutshell
Although the NAPB is a new pro basketball league, it’s extremely important to learn more about it. Created for North America by Dr. Sev Hrywnak and Dave Magley, the NAPB has now eight teams on board, including:

The Albany Patroons
The Kentucky Thoroughbreds
The Kansas City Tornados
The Vancouver Knights
The Yakima SunKings
The Ohio Cardinals
The Nevada Desert Dogs
The Rochester RazorSharks

What’s interesting about NAPB is that it’s not just about sports, but also about the community, as players often support kids and get involved in social and economic problems. They also take part in educational endeavors, charity work, and donations. And now, the NAPB have just accepted CBD products for their athletes! 

Why is it so important? Let’s find out.
The NAPB And CBD Products
The North American Premier Basketball League allows its athletes to medicate with CBD products, and it’s one of the best news this year. In fact, the NAPB is the first pro sports league in our country that allows its sportsmen to use CBD products. 

There is one organization supervising drug testing among Olympic players, the World Anti-Doping Agency. Although the organization added CBD as a permitted substance starting in 2018, all major pro sports leagues in the U.S. do not allow their players to use any products containing CBD. However, many players are sick of being prescribed with dangerous opioids and other medicaments for their pain or muscle tensions. Therefore, there are many CBD advocates among athletes, especially that, contrary to painkillers and other pharmaceutical drugs, cannabidiol comes with a range of benefits.

With the NAPB allowing its players to use CBD products, we can expect a great impact on other pro sports leagues in the U.S. It’s time to realize that CBD is the future of sports, both amateur and professional, as it’s a non-addictive and non-toxic substance. 

Wondering what the benefits of CBD are and how the cannabinoid helps athletes? Here we go.
What Is CBD And How Does It Work?
CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive and the second most popular cannabinoid in the cannabis plant. It proves extremely beneficial both medicinally and as a daily supplement. Although it’s doesn’t have mind-altering qualities, which means it won’t give you a euphoric high, cannabidiol is crucial when it comes to marijuana relaxing properties. 

So, what’s the science behind CBD?

All people have endocannabinoid systems, which allow CBD to interact with our cells. Our bodies naturally produce endocannabinoids that have CB1 receptors, found in both brain and body, and CB2 receptors spread throughout our immune system. When consuming CBD products, you can experience certain effects, because CBD binds to CB2 receptors, triggering specific reactions in our bodies. CBD comes with a plethora of health benefits, but for athletes, it provides a healthy and safe alternative to over-the-counter medications.

How Can Players Benefit From CBD?
With the North American Premier Basketball League accepting CBD products for its athletes, the cannabinoid is gradually becoming a must-have health supplement for players. With more and more studies conducted on cannabidiol, it’s safe to say that CBD may be an ideal replacement for many types of prescription drugs that cause a wide range of side effects. Players naturally choose CBD as a healthier option, and here is why:
Heart, Lung, and Brain Protection
Like we said, CBD has been studied quite well, and research has shown that this compound protects lungs, heart, and brain both during and after injuries. As a matter of fact, CBD shows neuroprotective properties, which is why scientists still study this cannabinoid for purposes of healing sports concussions.
A Natural Painkiller
Whether it’s pain induced by intense training or a trauma, every player knows that pain comes as a part of their job. However, using strong painkillers have a negative effect on their health and cognition. With analgesic properties of CBD, many athletes use cannabis to manage their pain. Cannabidiol is a natural pain reliever, and it’s a safer alternative to conventional methods of treatment, CBD may be the answer for athletes struggling with post-workout muscle aches and sores.
A Strong Anti-inflammatory
One of the most disabling problems for a player is the post-workout inflammation, which messes up with their training routine for some period of time. With its powerful anti-inflammatory properties, CBD suppresses cytokine production and inhibits cell proliferation. Cannabidiol is extremely effective when it comes to managing inflammation post-training, as they induce apoptosis and T-regulatory cells. Players who are suffering from mild or severe inflammation may find CBD very beneficial.
Brings Relaxation And Sleep
Cannabidiol is popular for its tranquilizing effects. In fact, CBD alone can be the answer for those suffering from insomnia. As for the athletes and Olympic players, it’s crucial to get a fair amount of sleep each night in order to let the muscle recover and grow during deep sleep. It’s prominent to give our bodies the time to heal and recover from any kind of injuries, to be honest. 

With the proper amount of sleep, players will be able to function at their best level. Contrary to sleeping pills, CBD cannot develop an addiction, so it’s safe to use it for athletes if they want to develop better sleeping patterns. Speaking of recovering during sleep, CBD provides faster recovery for both body and mind, which is a must for every player after an exhausting game or workout. 
Relieves Nausea
You may be surprised, but CBD has anti-emetic properties, which makes this cannabinoid perfect for treating nausea. It’s very common for players to suffer from nausea both during and after training. Cannabidiol is more effective as a solution for vomiting and nausea than prescribed medications, such as antihistamines or phenothiazines. 
Reduces Muscle Spasms
Players regularly put their bodies and muscles under intense pressure during training, which may induce muscle trauma, muscle spasms, dehydration, or damage nerves.

Thanks to its antispasmodic properties, CBD seems to be a perfect solution for athletes to treat their muscles both internally and topically.
Can Alleviate Anxiety-Driven Disorders
When it comes to treating chronic anxiety, cannabidiol can be very helpful. Some players may suffer from PTSD, panic disorders, or even obsessive-compulsive disorder, as they are exposed to more stressful conditions than an average Joa. 

With that said, athletes seeking the natural remedy for their ailments may find CBD invaluable due to the aforementioned feeling of serenity it brings to one’s mind. 
The NAPB Accepts CBD Products - What Now?
As it turns out, medical marijuana and sports are now closer than ever and our society is slowly understanding the benefits that come with cannabis. 

CBD is becoming present in athletes life as a less toxic, but definitely more powerful alternative to prescribed drugs. More and more players are recognizing the power of cannabidiol, showing great support around the world. 

With the NAPB leading as a pro-CBD basketball league, we’ll probably see more places recommending cannabidiol to their athletes. 

Since the beginning of 2018, the World Anti-Doping Agency has removed CBD from their list of banned substances. This removal, in turn, has changed the rules with medical marijuana and sports organizations forever, making the NAPB a leader when it comes to accepting CBD products and allowing their players to medicate with the non-psychoactive compound of marijuana.

It’s definitely a significant change; hopefully, one that will give rise to a domino effect.


Josh Garcia