Celebrities Using Cannabis: 15 Popular People You Won’t Believe Enjoy Weed


It is no news that Snoop Dogg and Rihanna medicate. They have brought their love for the Mary Jane out into the open long ago, so we won’t go there. 
Likewise, don’t expect to see Lil Wayne on this list. That is just too obvious, isn’t it? However, prepare to get your mind blown by some of these celebrities using cannabis that you would not have believed otherwise.

Cameron Diaz_Flurish

1. Cameron Diaz
Snoop Dogg has been rumored to sell weed to a lot of high-profile people while in high school, and it looks like Diaz might have joined that list. 
While speaking on Lopez Tonight, the star actress said that she went to the same high school with the now American rap artiste. Revealing he was in one class ahead of her, she claimed that ‘I’m pretty sure I bought weed from him. I had to have.”

Lady Gaga_Flurish

2. Lady Gaga
For someone who named herself ‘Gaga,’ there is little she would do to surprise us. That being said, it was still a shocking revelation when she made it known on 60 Minutes that she is a cannabis user too. 
In fact, she was quoted as saying “I smoke a lot of pot when I write music. I’m not gonna sugar-coat it for 60 Minutes that I’m some, like, sober human being…”
The next time you get to listen to some hot music from this singing sensation, know that some smoke might have been behind the inspiration,

CHRIS Brown_Flurish

3. Chris Brown
Brown stepped off the American soil to party with friends in Amsterdam, and party, he did. Much due to the fact that weed is legal in Amsterdam, he threw caution to the wind and made it the best cannabis-time of his life. 
In fact, he posted a picture of himself on Instagram with three big joints in his mouth. As if that was not enough, he later released another video where he claimed he was going to get so high.

Conor Mcgregor/Flurish

4. Connor McGregor
Does the name ring a bell? Okay. Last fight involving Floyd Mayweather, who was the opponent? Spot on!
Connor McGregor has always shown that he doesn’t care what the world thinks of him. From his Instagram picture where he has a joint in hand, running with the caption ‘we run New York,’ he sure doesn’t care what anyone thinks of his cannabis smoking habit too.


5. Jennifer Anniston
The Friends star made the shocking revelation during an interview with Rolling Stone. She stated that she loved to smoke pot ‘once in a while.’ 
Even though she doesn’t engage in much of it to consider herself a pothead, she is still of the opinion that “there’s nothing wrong with that [smoking weed]”
You go, girl!

Joe Rogan/Flurish.jpg

6. Joe Rogan
More of the reason why this man made the list was because of his old beliefs. 
He used to be one of the advocates against the use of pot until he tried it out himself. That liberated his mind, finally pushing him to start blogging and posting a series of podcasts about the cannabis topic.
A UFC fighter by profession, he has professed his dedication to pot in a statement where he was quoted as saying “If they don’t like me because I smoke pot, I probably wouldn’t like them anyways.”

Seth Rogan/Flurish

7. Seth Rogan
Wait a minute. So, you used to think all those weed smoking moments on screen were just the simulations of a good actor? You could not have been more wrong. 
Not only do a very good number of his movies feature pot smoking, but he also has a movie named after Pineapple Express – the weed strain.
More than once has he been caught on camera (off-set) with weed in his hand. In one instance, he was ‘hitting a blunt’ with Snoop Dogg. In another, he was simply the generous instructor teaching others how to roll a joint.


8. Whoopi Goldberg
Goldberg knows her medical marijuana well, and she is not afraid to use it. She has even done one more for the cannabis community, working with Maya Elisabeth (an award-winning chef) to create edible marijuana recipes. 
This led to the birth of Whoopi and Maya in California.


9. Miley Cyrus
She threw a ‘Wrecking Ball’ at the minds of her innocent teenage fans when she was accepting the Best Video award for the same-named song. In that moment, she stepped on stage, lit a blunt, and set the online world ablaze. 
That should have not come as a big surprise to many, given that she had already mentioned to Rolling Stone magazine that “I think weed is the best drug on earth.” Say an ‘Amen’ in the comment section if you are with her on this one.


10. Bill Clinton
All the way from a 1992 comment, we present to you one of the most controversial presidents of the United States of America.
During the presidential campaign of the aforementioned year, the to-be president claimed that he once smoked marijuana. He, however, doused the effects of the statement by claiming that he did not inhale it. We choose to focus on the part where he smoked the flower instead.


11. Barrack Obama
Another US president, Obama, was not shy to admit that he used to be an ardent smoker of cannabis earlier in his life. Some rumors even suggest that Snoop Dogg might have sold the ex-president some of the good stuff at one point in time.
Unlike Clinton though, Obama admitted to inhaling whenever he smoked. According to him, ‘That was the point.’ Can we get another ‘Amen’ to that?

Flurish RDJ

12. Robert Downey Jr.
The ‘Cannabis Catch Them Young Carnival’ was in town around the time the Iron Man star was just 8. Confessing this to Rolling Stone in 2010, he is one of the stars with the most publicly documented substance abuse problems


13. Justin Timberlake
In a 2011 interview with Playboy, Timberlake admitted that he loves to smoke weed. While claiming it helps him relax and stop overthinking, he also believes people are generally better when high.


14. Paris Hilton
As if she was not already famous enough, she had to go get arrested for smoking weed at the World Cup. Such is her love for the herb that she could risk going to jail for it


15. Louis and Zayn
Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik, both belonging to the One Direction band at one time, were both caught smoking weed in a car. While they haven’t commented on it, we won’t be shocked if they claimed pot inspired them to do some great songs.

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