Microdosing experience

Micro dosing gave me a new perspective on edibles

I’m sitting at the table with my best friend and a girl, we will call her Summer, and she goes on about why she moved here to California and her involvement in the Cannabis industry. I started hearing the word micro dosing and cannabis together in one sentence. It was then and there where I asked myself, What is micro dosing and should I try edibles?

Grab a butter knife and start cutting your edibles up

I had my first experience with edibles 5 years ago and in a brief explanation of it, close your eyes and slap yourself with both your hands at the same time and I can tell you that is what it felt like when I took my first edible. Now that may sound like an over exaggerated statement at most, however when I was sitting there playing fifa and moving my characters the opposite way, nothing good comes from that.


The Edibles are kicking in

In full disclosure, I am not a cannabis guru, I can only speak from my past experience. If you are curious, go out and look up micro dosing.

The first time I tried micro dosing, I grabbed a knife and started cutting up my Flurish 25mg gummie into 4’s. As time passed I was in certain disbelief that micro dosing was some fad started from the hipsters. Fast forward, 45 min in and the effects started to kick in and I was feeling the effects of the gummie. I was aware and alert, my body felt at eased and my mind was clear. Even though I can not speak on behalf of others I do believe everyone should try to micro dose.


  • Micro dosing works

  • You can function throughout your day

You will have great days and you have bad days, but why can’t we medicate during those bad days and make them great days?

Alexzander Rosa