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Every cannabis enthusiast has longed to try out the herb in every way in which it can be consumed. Two of the generally accepted methods of consumption of the herb is either by inhaling (smoking) or ingesting (eating). 
While the newbie users could still be in the place where they only smoke it, adventurous ones would have tasted a snack made with this herb at one point or the other. However, the effects of eating cannabis vs smoking the plant are not the same.
If you have been here before, you will agree that the latter produces a high that lasts longer. That might not be the only difference between the two. If you must know, here are five ways smoking cannabis is different from eating it.

1. Duration of the High
Smoking is the common method of taking cannabis, but eating it will give you the longest high. 
Edibles are not instantly metabolized like their smoked counterparts, but they last longer to make up for that. In some people, edibles have been reported to take up to 2 hours before they started their action at all. 
Of course, the effects and time taken to kick in will vary with the kind of edible in view, but large doses give a kind of high that consumers have compared to nothing else.
It is not uncommon for the starter (either with cannabis on a whole or just edibles) to want to take large doses of edibles since they feel it won’t work as much as inhaling initially. That, we will always reiterate, is a big mistake. 
Always start small with any kind of edible until you know just how much you will be comfortable with.

2. Dosage
You can't always dose the amount you want to smoke, but they say it's nearly impossible to do the same for edibles. If you must know, even the professional distributors have a very hard time with determining just the right dose that is in the products they are selling. 
Like has been mentioned above, the effects of edibles do not kick in until after a while. This period between ingestion and onset of effects might make a consumer feel they have not taken enough, causing them to overdose rather than wait the process out. Thats when lab testing becomes such an industry standard in what is released as far as edibles.

3. Mode of absorption
In one of the opening statements, we mentioned how edibles give a longer lasting and more quality kind of high. Why is that, you may ask?
When the cannabis is smoked/ inhaled, the THC in it would go directly to the brain. The brain is usually the body organ that needs stimulation to give you that high, so you get it instantly. 
That, again, is why the inhaled form of cannabis gives you your desired high faster. The downside to that is that you almost lose the high as fast (comparatively) as you get it.
Now, let’s get to the edibles.
When you ingest the cannabis-laden snacks/ food, it is first sent to the liver. The liver metabolizes the THC, converting it to 11-hydroxy-THC. Unlike the ordinary THC, this is effective in crossing the blood-brain barrier. 
Likewise, the process of passing through the stomach, then the liver before getting to the brain keeps the cannabis in the body system for longer. Still wondering why the high is very intense and long-lasting?

4. Inconsistency in Potency
Like the dosage, another unsure thing about edibles is their potency. When you are getting cannabis for inhalation, you already know what to expect. With edibles, you are at the mercy of whatever potency is inherent in the herb. 
This is more of the reason why legal cannabis systems are pushing for stricter measures when testing for the potency and THC concentration maximums in edibles. It is unsettling that even if you are getting your stock from the same supplier, the batch they have today might differ wildly from the one you bought yesterday. 
As a rule of thumb, treat every new batch (even if it’s the same product) as a never-before-tasted product. That way, you can exercise the needed level of caution when dealing with it.

5. Healthiness
Many people consider, with good reasons too, that edibles are healthier alternatives to inhaling the herb. 
No matter how medicinal the herb is, one cannot rule out the health concerns that are brought up in the process of inhaling/ smoking it. That has thus driven many to be fans of the edibles. As a plus to edibles, they have been known to provide longer-lasting solitons with some chronic symptoms. Little wonder cannabis edibles are now the darling of many medical patients who would love to try the ‘fix,’ but not endure the harshness of smoking it.

And there, you have the five talking points when comparing edible cannabis to inhaled ones. At the end of the day, we cannot tell you one is the best over the other. This is where personal opinions come into play. However, it cannot be ruled out that when considering long-lasting ecstasy and the chances of lesser health problems, edibles are the way to go.
Feel there is something we have left out of this piece? Or maybe you agree with us on one or more points. We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.

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