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We’re lucky to experience the real cannabis revolution that is happening right before our eyes. Since pot has become legal here in California, we’re finally able to enjoy recreational cannabis with no fear of being referred to as criminals in the light of law - and this creates a gigantic window of opportunities for all entrepreneurs who dream of having their slice of cake.

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There is a number of legal weed companies that are going live this year and it’s crucial to stay up to date with the hottest marijuana trends for 2018 and beyond. With so many opportunities on the market, it goes without saying that we’re about to witness a great change in the cannabis industry. 


What are the most important trends to watch among marijuana enthusiasts? Let’s find out.

1. Choosing Marijuana Over Alcohol

With more and more states legalizing recreational cannabis, the plant is gaining in popularity faster than ever before. 


This is why people start to replace alcohol with marijuana, and they spend more on legal weed than on alcohol these days. With the increase of weed usage and social acceptance, people naturally turn to pot, as it’s far more safe than alcohol or other drugs. The hot trend of choosing weed over alcohol is spreading, and more than half of millennial marijuana users reported they choose their plant instead of alcohol. 


Basically, people use weed for the same reasons they like to get tipsy: partying, relaxing, or celebrating an important event - you name it. What’s interesting though, is that the younger generation keeps replacing booze with marijuana, so it looks like alcohol companies may soon experience a huge blow of dense smoke right in their wallets.


Wondering why? 


As you may already know, it happens to be very difficult to be present and mindful when you’re drunk. On the contrary, you cannot say the same about a nice weed buzz that keeps you uplifted and sane at the same time.Therefore, people prefer getting high instead of getting wasted, especially when the first option is both budget and health-friendly


From now on, the cannabis industry will only move forward, as marijuana is by far the safest recreational substance known to the world. It’s quite a significant shift of attitude if you ask me.

2. Medical Marijuana Market Will Continue to Thrive

When it comes to healthcare and the effectiveness of medical marijuana, the herb will take a more leading role in 2018. There’s a growing number of patients turning to cannabis, not to mention that there are two times less recreational than medical users thanks to state medical marijuana programs. This leads to a continued growth of cannabis in the healthcare industry in the future.


There are companies investing in the marijuana-based pharmaceutical industry and, as people are becoming more conscious about weed, this trend will expand even further in the upcoming year. We already know more about weed and cannabinoids than we used to, but with the increased popularity of medical marijuana, there’s much more to be done in terms of clinical research. This leads us to the next important marijuana industry trend to watch in 2018.

3. Increased Funding For Research And Studies

As the legal status of marijuana has changed, we have the opportunity to study its true medical potential. We already know that cannabis is helping people with a myriad of ailments, but with marijuana being classified as a schedule 1 drug, it has been difficult to study this amazing plant so far. 


We are witnessing a great change in the industry - 2017 was a year that brought us more knowledge about weed - but people are craving for more. As marijuana is becoming a globally recognized medicine, we can expect the research and studies to expand in 2018. The demand for medical cannabis is high, so there’s no chance that people will cease to explore the potential of weed any time soon.

4. Cannabis High(er) Education

With marijuana growing in both recreational and medical businesses, people want to expand their knowledge and skills in order to get into the cannabis market. Moreover, California is a leading state when it comes to marijuana education. 


The University of California at Davis announced to open marijuana-related courses in the upcoming semesters. Moreover, some universities are starting to research and investigate marijuana and its medicinal potential.


You can also learn more about the impact of weed on the culture, business, and environment. US San Diego received state funding to study the therapeutic potential of the cannabis plant and opened the Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research.


As you can see, not only can we educate ourselves by looking for marijuana research online, but now we can also do it by attending courses and classes. If you want to learn more about the medicinal and recreational properties of pot, possible methods of consumption, and expand your knowledge about various cannabis strains, there will be more options in 2018. As the industry will continue to expand, so will the need for comprehensive cannabis education for both consumers and professionals.

5. CBD and Other Cannabinoids

One of the most popular ingredients in the marijuana plant is CBD, short for cannabidiol. Unlike THC, which is even more famous due to its psychoactive properties, CBD has no such qualities, so it won’t make you high. Therefore, CBD-rich strains are recommended for medical marijuana patients. Like I said, we have less recreational than medicinal users of pot, so there is a greater need for a more balanced ratio of THC and CBD in medical cannabis products in order to answer the demand. 


However, there is more to it than just CBD and THC, as marijuana has over 100 cannabinoids, and many of them come with a great medicinal potential, too. You should know that these compounds work best if you consume them together, as they create a sort of synergy between one another. This phenomenon is referred to as the “Cannabis Entourage Effect”, and as researchers are studying the whole-plant medicine, people start to understand why marijuana breeders have been crossing different specimens for so long. It’s all about answering individual needs of both recreational and medical consumers.

6. Perception Of Weed Will Continue To Change

Thankfully, the stigma over cannabis is fading quickly. Thanks to education and willingness to learn more about marijuana and its health benefits, people start to see this plant in a completely different way. With a growing number of cannabis-related companies putting out their products, the awareness of weed is increasing and we definitely appreciate the plant more than ever before. 


This leads us to more responsible and safer marijuana consumption. People stop seeing weed as something that gets them super high. Instead, they consider it as part of their daily routines that improves their wellness. More importantly, the tendency to give up on smoking marijuana in favor of safer methods of consumption is a promising sign for edibles and vaporizer manufacturing companies.

7. New Creative Businesses

Marijuana entrepreneurs in the U.S. are making the most of the legalization. We can see a wide range of creative businesses growing, and with California finally legalizing recreational pot, this tendency will continue to support both customers and state economy. The industry is blooming like crazy, and there are many creative ideas already working in the U.S., such as luxury marijuana products, weed delivery services, pot-friendly weddings, marijuana taxi, and the all-famous Oaksterdam University where you can attend marijuana courses for researchers, cultivators, and entrepreneurs.


When it comes to the newest trends in the cannabis industry, luxurious marijuana products are the name of the game. Fancy chocolate bars, elegant weed cigars, cannabis gadgets, high-end dispensaries, gold rolling papers - they are all here to please our innate vanity Also, people don’t feel bad about using marijuana any longer, so there is a global trend to use the symbol of cannabis leaf in clothing and accessories. It seems that marijuana supporters have finally gained the rights to express their love to this plant.


As the legalization of cannabis enters the snowball phase and is gaining more social acceptance, the aforementioned trends will continue to expand, and we can expect an amazing economic growth and a significant cultural change in the upcoming years. Enthusiasm for weed is growing exponentially, as well as the urge for knowledge and research on this plant, so I’m more than happy to say these marijuana trends for 2018 are just the beginning of a great shift in our history.

Josh Garcia