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Inhaling cannabis smoke from a joint, pipe, or bong is a quick and effective way to introduce cannabinoids into the bloodstream and the associated cannabinoid receptors in the brain. The psychoactive effects known as the “high” are usually noticeable within one to three minutes and generally last for two and three hours.


an increasing number of medical marijuana users are finding the advantages of cannabis infused foods known as “edibles” like our gummies to treat their medical conditions. Unlike smoking cannabis, edibles are introduced to the body through the gastrointestinal tract and processed by the liver before entering the blood steam The liver changes the cannabinoid THC into the more potent 11-hydroxy-THCwhich tends to have a stronger more sedative effect. This makes cannabis edibles especially suitable for patients with sleep disorders caused by pain or general insomnia. Patients ingesting cannabis will often feel the effects within 45 to 90 minutes with a high lasting between 6 to 10 hours.


Josh Garcia