We created our Flurish cartridges to be the best tasting strain specific cartridges in the industry.  Flurish cartridges are handcrafted through a solvent-free distillation process and we use only premium cannabis oil distillate and all natural terpenes to make our great tasting cartridges.  We never use cutting agents or additives to ensure you get the purist cartridges in the industry.  These cartridges are great for people who enjoy delicious strain flavors that are also extremely potent.  You won’t want to stop puffing on these once you try them!

·       Handcrafted using premium cannabis oil distillate (Lab tested at 85%+ THC)

·       Flavors: Blue Dream, Jack Heres, Skywalker OG

·       All organic & natural

·       Ceramic coil for superior heating functions and consistent draws

·       Premium glass tube 

·       Adjustable airflow feature Metal mouthpiece

·       Works on any 510 thread battery with a button

·       Available in hybrid strains 

No VG/VEG/Coconut Oil/MCT/Cutting Agents/Fillers/Additives/Solvents


·       Plant based terpenes and cannabis derived terpenes

·       Premium cannabis oil distillate (tested at 85%+ THC)