Brand and Style Guide

Flurish Group visual identity 

Welcome to Flurish Group’s Brand Asset section. All use of Flurish Group’s logos, symbols, and color profiling must follow these guidelines, including by third party publishers. All materials published by Flurish Group and its agents must also follow typography, brand, colors and styles. These guidelines help maintain the integrity of the brand and Flurish Group’s unique and visual identity.


The Flurish Group logo is a powerful logotype mark. It is a representation not only of our company, but our people, and our brand to the world. It is a valuable asset that must be used consistently in the proper, approved forms. Our logo is one of our greatest distinguishing visual feature, an essential part of our brand identity.

It is rendered to maximize visual appeal and effectiveness, important qualities in a crowded and competitive marketplace.

Using the logos on a contrasting background is recommended. Download Logo Here



Black Text

HEX #000000, RGB(0,0,0), CMYK(0,0,0,100)

White Text

HEX #ffffff, RGB(255,255,255), CMYK(0,0,0,0)


Typography ensures brand consistency across all visual materials. Typography is one of the most important design elements.

Flurish Group’s official font is Helvetica Regular. The official font is to be used in all communication materials.

To ensure readability, avoid:
- Font size smaller than 6 pt.

Primary Typeface

Helvetica BOLD

Character Tracking Space - 100

Color is one of the most effective branch in ensuring a clear and consistent presentation of Flurish Group’s identity and is essential to maintaining excellence to a strong visual brand.

Our Gold Foil Leaf is one of our greatest distinguishing features.



Flurish White

HEX #ffffff, RGB(255,255,255), CMYK(0,0,0,0)

Flurish Black Crow

Hex #010101,RGB(1,1,1), CMYK(0,0,0,100)